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Vineyard & Winery Management

Lease Out the Barrels

Companies offer wineries help with cash flow via barrel leasing programs.

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Vineyard & Winery Management

Barrel Financing comes of age

The considerable cost and rapid depreciation of wine barrels make leasing an attractive option for many wineries. And while the idea of barrel lending isn't new, barrel leasing in combination with a comprehensive financing and inventory management program is the novel idea behind one company that has set its sights on the US market.

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Decanter China

The Barrel Men

It's affectionately, if somewhat dubiously, known as The Arms Race; this annual drive to buy the newest, the biggest, the shiniest and the most technically advanced equipment to prepare for the latest grape harvest.

The epicenter in the Medoc is an unassuming warehouse on the outskirts of Pauillac...

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Wines & Vines

Barrel-specific leasing

H&A financing & Services was founded 10 years ago in France. With offices in Spain, H&A is undergoing an international expansion and has recently established offices in San Francisco and Santa Rosa (...)


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Annual report BNP Paribas

Thinking outside the box


All it takes is a new idea. Leasing is used to finance cars, computers, and machinery- so why not wine barrels?

The founders of H&A visited several wineries in Bordeaux to sell their idea, and found a very responsive audience (...) 

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